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    [Main window]

    Here is the program during its operation. On the picture signified the following interface elements:

    1. Window title
    2. Menu
    3. Toolbar
    4. Viewport
    5. Virtual keyboard
    6. Status bar

    In the window title (1) indicated the full path to the file, opened in the programat currently.

    Menu (2) provides access to the Settings dialog box. In addition, the menu allows you to show or hide various elements of the interface and switch the interface language between English and Russian:


    Toolbar (3) contains buttuns, intended to start, to stop and to switch exercises.


    The numbers indicate:

    1. The temp field
    2. Button "Listen"
    3. Button "Start exercise"
    4. Button "Stop exercise/listening"
    5. Button "Next exercise"
    6. Button "Clear mistakes"

    In the viewport displayed exercises scores and vertical cursor bar, indicating currently played position. On the next pictire a first number shows the cursor, and the second number shows a mistake marker, which warns about wrong played note on the given position.

    [Viewport fragment]

    If you have not MIDI-keyboard, then virtual keyboard may be used for note input, and for more visual mistake control. All pressed wrong notes during one measure highlighted red, and all right pressed notes highlighted yellow.

    The status bar provides a summary of the exercise:

    [Status bar]

    The numbers indicates:

    1. Elapsed or remaining time until the end of the exercise. In brackets specified the rate of input notes per second.
    2. Quantity right played notes
    3. Amount wrong pressed notes. In brackets showed the percentage of mistakes.
    4. Number of points. This value depend of melody complexity ("intensity") and of playing speed.


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