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    dialog "Interface"

    [dialog Interface]

    The group-box "MIDI output" lets turn on auding inputted MIDI-messages. In the top list of this group select device through which the sounds will be played, and in the lower list - a musical instrument, whose voice will be used for sounding MIDI-signals.

    The group-box "MIDI input" contains not only a list of available MIDI-devices, that enable the input notes but and the button "Refresh devices list". This button can be usefull when a MIDI-device was connected after the start of the program and therefore was not found automatically.

    If you have a MIDI-input device and the option "Control by MIDI-keyboard" is selected, then will become available the buttons for an assignment commands to MIDI-keys. To assign a command to specific key, you have to click in the dialog box the button with the name of the corresponding command, and then press the desired key on the MIDI-keyboard.

    The group-box "Score" define the area in which will be displayed notes and their relative size. Picking up the relationship between the "Zoom" and "Page width" you can achieve the most comfortable notes and measures arrangement on the staff. Pay attention, that for very large scales the width of the measure increases proportionally, and the measures with large number of notes may exceed the value of "Page width", that will lead to inability to correctly display them. In this case you should increase the value of "Page width" or reduce the "Zoom".

    The options "Enable notes input from PC-keyboard" assign to each of 12 keys from PC-keyboard by one level of chromatic scale. Key mapping are shown on the figure:

    Because of the lack of computer keys to cover the entire range of sounds, entering notes from a computer made ​​a very simplistic. Computer keys do not correspond to a specific note of a certain octave, but an abstract level of a chromatic scale.

    The option "Mark mistakes" will stamp every beat, where the user has made a mistake. The mark brightness depends on the mistake count ​​in this beat.

    Опция "Показывать подробную статистику" позволяет после окончания упражнения просмотреть более детальную информацию об упражнении и набранных очках.
    При выборе опции "Скрывать сыгранные ноты" все правильно нажатые ноты будут "гаснуть" как показано на следующем рисунке. Левая нота сыграна, а правая еще нет:

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