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    NoteTrainer PRO - is a program, helping beginner pianists to master the technique of playing "at sight." For the musicians of average level, provided the opportunity to play melodies and exercises, recorded in the MusicXML file format. Simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface, excellent quality of the score rendering, flexible configuration, and much more can be found in a totally free, open-source NoteTrainer PRO project.

    The latest version of the distribution is located at

    The source code was written in C++. Visual Studio 2008 project can be downloaded from the repository or from the

    Here you will also find a collection of exercises in the format MusicXML (see "File Catalog"). For their creation has been used a free score editor MuseScore 1.3. Her distributive and detailed description on the However, for recording melodies and exercises can be used and other score editors, that supports exporting to MusicXML, such as Sibelius or Finale.

    A huge archive of MusicXML files stored on

    In the section "Manual" you can read the description of the interface and functionality of the program.

    [ Add news ]

    [*] For the exercise files added a new option of their frequency switching. It can be used for ajust switching files in mode "By productivity". This setting allows you customise how often (or rarely) the exercise will be offered for playing. (After "Next Exercise" button pressing.)

    [*]Added a new type of exercise - "Chords". This mode is very similar to the mode "Random Notes", but instead of scattered consonances is generated major and minor chords.

    [*] Program settings are made more structured. Options for the different modes now appear on the separate tabs only when given mode is selected.

    Просмотров: 257 | Добавил: rao | Дата: 03.09.2013

    Questions and replies

    If something does not work as described in the "Manual" or works not how you would like to, then please, write about it in the guestbook or to the email.

    Просмотров: 262 | Добавил: rao | Дата: 02.09.2013

    [*] Now the MusicXML files are loaded of version 1.0 and type "score-timewise". So, you can now open .XML files exported from the "Guitar Pro 5". An example file "Chuck Berry Style.xml" added to "Exercises" directory. Unfortunately, "Guitar Pro 5" exports all notes on only one (tremble) stave, and does not keep information about their grouping, slurs, etc.

    [*] It became possible to change the clefs not only on the boundary of the measure. Example: 22nd measure of the file "Rigodon.mxl" from "Exercises" directory.

    Просмотров: 235 | Добавил: rao | Дата: 02.09.2013

    Most significant changes:

    [*] Loading exercises from the MusicXML-file has become more convenient. Has appeared a custom list of files from which you can form your own collection of exercises. For each exercise from the list of remembered the best result achieved.
    [*] Improved algorithm for calculation of points. He has become a much more objective and flexible.
    [*] Fixed a few bugs.

    Просмотров: 261 | Добавил: rao | Дата: 01.09.2013

    A week ago, has finally released the long awaited update. The latest version, as always, on
    Просмотров: 264 | Добавил: rao | Дата: 01.09.2013

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